Once storage, now an exclusive conference room

The challenge

When the space used by a stonemason under the architect office became vacant, the office decided to use the space for an unconventional conference room with an integral archive to keep their records. Particularly challenging for the architect team were the steel-reinforced pillars upon which the structure rested. They discussed in great depth the room layout and insulation. 

Our solution

Install GUTEX Thermosafe-wd® on the interior side of the back wall. The team chose to go with a double-layer construction with a vapour permeable membrane sandwiched between the two courses. In addition, a layer of 120-mm thick wood fibre board insulates the floor against the transmission of cold from the underlying ground. The exterior walls are wood framed and fit with flexible wood fibre batten insulation. The ensuing structure is diffusion-open. The ceiling below the office above has open-pored, acoustic insulation material. 

Project features

What was formerly vacant and storage space became a quality conference room for the architect office.
Integrated connection to the existing entrance and cloakroom on the ground floor. Attractive grooved surface structure of the space’s European silver fir ceiling and wall panelling adds a distinct aesthetic highlight. Non-intrusive archive shelving, though anchored to the back wall, appears as if it is weightlessly suspended.
The interior design concept combines materials and colours with the light silver fir, black floor, baseboard, radiators, stairs and shelving. 

Construction solutions

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