KLEIDEL Mineral-Thermalbad Freiburg, Germany

The challenge

Perform extensive renovations to KEIDEL Mineral-Thermalbad, which include the roof, exterior siding and interior spa areas. Improvements to the mineral spa also were to be made to the pools in order to bring them up to par with today’s standards and therapeutic use requirements. In addition, the client desired new passages, entrances and storage for personal belongings. The building’s face was to be moved out away from its original position to alleviate construction and performance problems, the latter by altering the building’s physics.

Our solution

To realize the client’s objective of vastly improved energy efficiency, high-quality insulation and new glazing were installed. Based on building physics analysis, the client decided on a two-course above-rafter insulation construction that is vented (cold roof). GUTEX Thermosafe-homogen and GUTEX Ultratherm wood fibreboard insulation were the choices due to their exceptionally high degree of diffusion openness and unique tolerance of moisture.

Project features

  • Building had damaged wood structural members, including vertical supports and roof.
  • Refurbishment of the glass facades and 2,900 m² roof to improve energy efficiency.
  • Primary object was the restoration of the building’s airtightness.
  • Plans and execution complied with German Energy Directive EnEV 2009 and the City of Freiburg’s energy-efficiency guidelines.
  • The project required an outlay of 10.3 million euroso.

Construction solutions

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